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Rugos " is aiming to be the leading whosaler/distributor/retailer company in USA with modern rugs collections range. "Rugos " was established to fill the void between brilliant structured rug and affordability. Product collections are providing high-quality floor coverings from the hands of our professional R&D team for our targeted consumer base with by giving a value for your money.

Within the rug sector, Rugos  will soon be one of the most creative and successful entrepreneur in USA by combining the best of high technology combined with stable high quality since it is composed of experienced dealers of third generation. We’ve always protected the professionalism of customer satisfaction in the other countries we had operated through our professional designing and strong weaving structures of our rugs.

We are training our team members on daily basis and improving warehousing capabilities to provide the best service for our consumers. We are focusing to serve in several channel of distribution for our products. We believe that every member of US society deserves high-quality products at the best affordable price possible. Rugos  has dedicated its talents and resources to providing uncompromising quality. We believe that we have to provide durability, beauty, and artistry of rugs. We focus our research and development on creating the highest value for money products that consumers can buy within a broad range of budgets.